Imagine the convenience of having your marketing, training or promotional video on a DVD or Video CD format. Your showreel would be available to be shown to potential clients, investors and employees anywhere you can find a computer. No need to search for a VCR and television.

Narrating your corporate story in an interesting, informative and entertaining marketing tool in today's fast moving digital world - whether it be to your clients, employees or board members. No doubt, corporate films are essential tools for the success of any business.

We have produced many quality audio and video productions in a timely manner, on budget and to customer satisfaction. We consider it our job to help our clients effectively communicate their vision

What we offer

Gateway Design Studio offers complete, integrated production services including a multi-camera set up for shooting, copywriting and voiceovers, digital, analog, and high definition video editing facilities, duplication facility that can replicate CDs and DVDs as well as a linear multimedia production suite for editing raw footage with animation effects.